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Moon Locations (Moscoviense Far Side)

Generally considered to be the far side’s most recognizable feature, the Sea of Muscovy (“Mare Moscoviense” in Latin) on the so-called “Dark Side of the Moon“* is one of the very rare flatlands basins in this region, and one of the most unusual locations in the Universe! Notably, this mare was named by Russian scientists who first observed it in photographs sent back by Luna 3 in 1959, and is actually a “sea within a sea.”

Only 205 kilometers (about 125 miles) across, Moscoviense/01 properties provide astounding terrain in all directions with an exclusive setting unmatched anywhere! Our offering of the first available properties in Moscoviense are sure to grow in value for casual collectors as well as serious investors.

Moscoviense/01, the only United Lunar Republic region located completely on the Moon’s far side, is situated directly east of Crater Titov, with Crater S. Rajput at its northern border.

For a close-up view of this region, see the farside photo maps in The Full Moon Atlas.

PROPOSED ZONING: Operations Base (O-1), Tourism (T-1), Scientific Industrial (S-1) and Commercial Industrial (C-1).

* – Yes, we know there’s no actual “dark side” of the Moon. All “sides” of the Moon – that is, the side visible from Earth and the side that isn’t – are lighted by the sun throughout its orbit around our planet; that’s how we get the various phases of the Moon.

Your personalized Lunar property claim and ownership package includes a beautifully engraved deed, a satellite photograph of the property and an information sheet detailing the geography of the Moon’s Ocean of Storms.

All documents are standard US letter size (8.5×11 inches, or 216×279 mm). All documents are provided in English only in compliance with international treaties. View sample documents.

Complimentary Luna Society International lifetime membership (individual or corporate) is included.

Ownership information and deeds are encrypted as unique Smart Contracts to current ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standards.

Giving moon property as a gift? We’ll include a FREE personalized gift card at your request.

Shipping and processing fees are additional. Express and priority delivery is available as an option in limited locations.

The proceeds from your purchase assist our members, partners and affiliates toward the goal of privatized exploration, settlement and development of the Moon. Any proceeds, profits or losses incurred through the future use, development, sale or transfer of a property or properties solely benefit that property owner.

Lunar properties currently offered in the Ocean of Storms are sold in minimum lots of one acre (approximately 43,560 sq. feet, or 4,047 sq. meters). You may purchase up to ten (10) acres per online transaction; please contact us for special pricing on larger purchases.

All property prices are stated in US$ per acre based on current exchange rates. What is the price in your currency?

Lunar property claims are being offered as part of an international effort to privately finance exploration, settlement and development of selected locations on the Moon.

All claims to property on the Moon are conducted in compliance with the Lunar Settlement Initiative (“LSI”), which states: “Under the terms of the LSI, property claims on Luna may be offered to private entities as a means to finance the exploration, settlement and development of the Moon and its resources.”

Legal citizens of any nation may claim and possess Lunar property and resources by contracting a proxy (agent) registered with the International Lunar Lands Authority in compliance with the LSI. (Purchases via Luna Society International are granted proxy rights and protections in compliance with the Lunar Settlement Initiative.)



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