Taurus Mountains (Montes Taurus) on the Moon

If you have been searching the Universe to find a unique gift idea for the Taurus in your life (April 20-May 21 birthdays) or for any special gift occasion, look no farther!

We invite you to come with us to the Sea Of Love! On the shores of the Sinus Amoris (literally the “Bay Of Love”) in the foothills of the beautiful Montes Taurus (Montes Taurus in Latin), our first release of properties in this region are adjacent to the extraordinary Crater Romer, with stunning moonscapes in all directions.

In addition, many remarkable craters, including Brewster, Franck, Maraldi, Carmichael and Hill, line the “shores” of Sinus Amoris, which also lies at the northern gateway to the Sea Of Tranquility.

For a close-up view of this region, please see The Full Moon Atlas, Sector C-6.

PROPOSED ZONING: Tourism (T-1) and Scientific Industrial (S-1).

$29.95 per Acre


The Taurus Mountains is a mountainous region east of Mare Serenitatis (Sea of Serenity), extending for about 200 km. The highest peaks reach 3 km in height.

The region has no clear boundaries and lies between Sinus Amoris (the Bay of Love) and Lacus Somniorum (Lake of Dreams).

The conspicuous Crater Römer lies within the mountains. West of Römer, and running towards the south for 110 km, are the linear rilles Rimae Römer.

North of Römer there is the rille system Rimae Römer G. Both systems of rilles are clearly visible under low illumination and are observable in small telescopes.

Montes Taurus Region Photo Map

Montes Taurus Region Photo Map