It may be a few years before you’re able to visit your property on the Moon, but we can get you there in just a few days.

And it won’t cost you a fortune, either.

Okay, so you aren’t actually going anywhere, but your face is. Through the magic of modern technology, we’ll transport your smiling face all the way to the Lunar surface for a quick visit.

How quick? About thirty seconds. But the video is yours forever! And it comes in two formats for one price – widescreen for PC and Mac, and tall for your smartphone, making it perfect to share with all of your millions of Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and even MySpace followers.

We’re not sure exactly where the video is shot at, but we understand that it could be the same Hollywood movie set that the original Apollo 11 landing was filmed on back in 1969. (Just kidding.) (Or are we?)

What does it look like? Here’s a quick sample…

When ordering your video, DO NOT include your photo with your order and DO NOT send your photo to us via email.

We will contact you with additional instructions regarding your photo – again, DO NOT automatically send us your photo.


  • Your photo must be of ONE PERSON ONLY.
  • Your photo must be in color.
  • Your face must be sharp – not blurry.
  • Your photo background must white or a plain, light color. (See sample below.)
  • You may smile, laugh, look very serious, or even act frightened – as long as you are facing forward (not sideways).

For information on correctly positioning yourself for your photo, please click here.

Moon Passport Photo (Image)




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