Next Stop: The Moon

The International Lunar Lands Authority (ILLA) is tasked with administering and allocating real property located on Luna, Earth’s Moon, and registering ownership claims to properties on the Moon in select regions designated as an autonomous United Lunar Republic on behalf of individuals, non-governmental organizations and business entities around the world.

The International Lunar Lands Registry (ILLR, also commonly known as The Lunar Registry) is the public’s interface with ILLA, allowing a simplified and streamlined process for interested parties to register their claims to ownership of property on the Moon. Qualified corporate and institutional entities should contact ILLR directly to register ownership claims to more extensive property blocks on the Moon. (There is currently a limit of ten acres per online purchase per ownership entity – individual or business – via the ILLR website.)

All currently available properties are located within fifteen designated regions that will comprise a United Lunar Republic on the Moon. Properties outside the designated regions are not being offered at this time.

In addition, certain individuals, organizations and business entities are restricted from registering property ownership due to international regulations or previous violations. A list of those entities restricted from Lunar property ownership is maintained by ILLR at their facilities in London and New York.

Fulfillment (customer support, order entry, printing and shipping) of property ownership documents for clients around the world is performed for ILLR under contract by Luna Society International (LSI) based in California. LSI retains a nominal processing fee for each transaction it handles.


Lunar Republic Flag On The Moon (Image)
United Lunar Republic Flag On The Moon
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