Where will you land on the Moon?
Choose from the historic Sea of Tranquility or the magnificent Lake of Dreams. Budget minded? The Sea of Vapors is perfectly priced. Prefer a mountain-top location? The Lunar Alps and Taurus Mountains offer sweeping views of the Moon's landscape. There are a dozen spectacular regions currently available in parcels of one acre and up.
Nothing Could Be Greater Than To Own Your Own Crater!

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Whether you'll eventually visit the Moon as a tourist, to do scientific research, to mine for Helium3 or other valuable rare-earth elements, or simply stop by on your way to Mars, the Moon offers a wealth of fascinating locations.

Buy Moon property from Earth’s Leading Lunar Real Estate Agency. Lunar land makes a perfect gift and a unique investment for anyone, young or old.

It’s Absolutely True…
Nothing Could Be Greater Than To Own Your Own Crater!

With our partners, including Luna Society International, we are crowdfunding a unique program to return humans from around the world to the Moon. We will build permanent residences, tourist facilities, research centers and develop Luna’s natural resources, while also respecting and preserving its incredible beauty.

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Doesn’t it seem like every year you start looking for that perfect, unique gift? Each year it gets harder to find a cool gift that is personal, unique and amazing, that isn’t simply a variation on the gift you bought last Christmas, or anniversary, or birthday, or Valentine’s Day?

This year, it’s time for the hottest gift idea of 2021, something that can be personalized for anyone (or everyone!) on your gift list — or for yourself. It’s among the most popular yet unique gifts of all timean actual acre of land on the Moon. Unlike naming a distant, barely visible star, land on the Moon is a gift that you can see nearly every night of the year, no matter where you are around the world.

Why Name A Star When You Can Buy Moon Property!

Offered exclusively by the International Lunar Lands Registry, your purchase of real estate on the Moon helps to crowdfund the worldwide effort to return to Earth’s nearest neighbor in the sky! It’s an educational gift … a romantic gift … a gift that will make them say “wow!” Lunar property is priced to fit any budget, and it’s perfect for men and women, and children of all ages!

It’s easy to see why we say “Nothing could be greater than to own your own crater!”

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Not certain which region to select? Click on the region name above (such as “Sea of Tranquility“) to access a detailed description and location information. It’s that easy to buy moon property!

WE DELIVER EVERYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD! The Luna Society has members in every country around the world. A nominal fee is added to cover basic shipping and handling charges. If you require faster delivery, expedited shipping is available at an additional charge.

What’s included in your moon ownership package? Your membership in the Luna Society includes a permanent land claim to property on the Moon. Join for one year and receive one acre, or for five years to receive five acres. Even if your membership expires, you retain the land claim in perpetuity. Please click here to view lunar deed document samples.

All property prices are stated in US$ per acre. What is the price in your currency?

WHAT DO I GET? Your Lunar Land Claim and ownership package includes a beautifully engraved personalized deed, a satellite photograph of your property on the Moon and an information sheet detailing the geography of your selected area.
 The interactive Full Moon Atlas on CD-ROM for Windows PC is available as an option at additional cost.
 Giving moon property as a gift? We’ll include a FREE personalized gift card at your request.
 Shipping and processing fees are additional. We do offer express and priority delivery.
 The proceeds from your membership assist Luna Society International and its partners toward the goal of privatized exploration, settlement and development of the Moon.
 Lunar properties currently offered are sold in minimum lots of one acre (approximately 43,560 sq. feet, or 4,047 sq. meters). You may purchase up to ten acres per online transaction; please contact us for special pricing on larger purchases.


Where Will You Land On The Moon?