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Lunar Property Gift Certificates

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Don't have time to wait for delivery of your property ownership documents? Need an exciting, unique and affordable gift today, or (worse!) yesterday?

While we can't turn back the hands of time, in about two minutes you can have an elegant document, perfect for any gift-giving occasion. You can give this gift certificate today, and the gift recipient may redeem it at any time to receive the complete property ownership package, including:

A personalized, beautifully engraved parchment deed certificate for one acre (or more!) of lunar property which they can select from any of ten premium locations on the Moon;

A digital satellite photograph of the specific lunar region showing the actual boundaries of the tract, printed on durable heavyweight glossy photo stock;

An information sheet detailing the geographic features of the region in which your property is located, including prominent craters, mountains and valleys, as well as the sites of lunar landings in the vicinity;

Honorary citizenship in the Lunar Republic Society, the leading international advocacy group working to rekindle the dream of lunar exploration, settlement and development.

Please click here to view samples the deed and satellite photo.

Lunar property gift certificates are only US$36.95 per acre, and you can instantly download the printable* document. Instructions for redeeming the gift certificate are included on the document to make the process fun and simple for your gift recipient.

After placing your order, you'll be directed to a private page where you can download the document. Other basic instructions are also included on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are required to enter a shipping option, please select Standard Shipping. This makes the total price of the certificate US$36.95 ($26.95 + $10 for shipping the printed documents). We will refund any over-payment of shipping fees!

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* -- No special software is needed to print the certificate. Any standard Windows, Macintosh or other PC-based printer, including ink jet and laser, may be used to print the document.

This document includes information on giving moon property gift certificates via instant download fast delivery for international customers, a unique alternative to gift from star registry instantly downloadable gift for birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other occasion. Moon property gift certificates are excellent as last minute gift giving idea, personalized or customised present, offered exclusively by the International Lunar Lands Registry. Buy moon property from Earth's Leading Lunar Real Estate Agency, The Lunar Registry. Officially authorized by the Lunar Republic Society